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CMS is your trusted partner that provides quick and accurate turnaround of your time sensitive and highly personalized communications. Send your data and CMS does the rest while ensuring 100% accuracy and meeting your critical mail date requirements.

Customer Communication Management

At CMS, you will have a dedicated Account Manager to serve as the primary point of contact and monitor the progress of your mailing from start to finish. CMS utilizes Midnight Software to track all aspects of your job including inventory, postage, and real-time job status reports.

Intelligent & Selective Inserting

CMS Transactional processing offers additional layers of security and auditing – such as 2D barcode verification and file-based insertion integrity – so you know every piece is mailed. These audit and security features meet HIPAA and IRS (Publication 1075) data requirements.

Data Security Protocols

Protecting your data is our priority. We have the necessary procedures in place regarding the transmission and safety of electronic and printed confidential information.

  • SFTP and encryption protocols in place for secure data transmission
  • Proxy card access required to enter facility, and access restricted by job function
  • Background checks conducted on all employees
  • Video camera monitoring inside and outside of facility
  • Compliant with HIPAA requirements and IRS Pub 1075

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