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Save money on First Class postage while increasing mail security, adding visibility to the process, and ensuring timely delivery of your critical communications. First Class Presort is eligible for postal discounts, making it an attractive choice for mail that features personalized data such as invoices, contracts, checks and statements, in addition to time sensitive marketing messages.

CMS First-Class Presort Benefits

CMS offers Barcode Spraying and Reading services and utilizes the latest Full-Service Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) technology to ensure higher readability rates on your delivery addresses. In addition to barcoding, CMS can provide mail tracking and reporting services and assist you in meeting the USPS Move Update requirement with ACS reporting, NCOA on the sorters or via front-end data processing.

The security of your mail is crucial and the presort process adds inherent security measures by mixing your checks with another client’s statements and another’s customer service communications to help “camouflage” sensitive mail. CMS employees have background security screenings, and the badge-access facility is under 24-hour surveillance.

Complete Presort Mail Services

  • Full-Service IMb
  • Daily Mail Pick-up Service
  • Postal Barcoding
  • Move Update Services to keep you in compliance with Postal requirements
  • Metering Service, if needed
  • Participates in USPS Seamless Acceptance and mail dispatched from CMS dock on USPS transportation
  • Mail Tracking

CMS presorts First-Class metered, permit, and pre-cancelled stamp letters picked up from our clients as well as our own internal print production facility to gain maximum discounts from the Postal Service. CMS is Full-Service IMB® and Seamless Acceptance Compliant, can assist clients in meeting USPS requirements on the Move Update and mail piece design, process your mail in our Secure Presort Facility on our 128 Pocket Letter Sorters, and deliver your mail to the USPS daily.

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