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Postage is increasing at unprecedented rates and impacts everyone’s budgets.
It’s more important than ever to partner with a provider with detailed knowledge of postal rates, presorting, and postal optimization methods. CMS analyzes your mail and assists you in receiving the lowest total postal costs including postage, fees, and freight, as well as timely in-home delivery.

Marketing & Non-Profit Solutions


Marketing and non-profit mail (formerly called Standard Class) is most often used for marketing communications and fundraising appeals, provides the greatest savings for mailers.

Commingling combines marketing and non-profit mail from multiple mail lots, customers, and organizations to maximize postal discounts.

As with first-class mail, CMS offers Barcode Spraying and Reading services and utilizes the latest Full-Service Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) technology to ensure higher readability rates on your delivery addresses. In addition to barcoding, CMS can provide mail tracking and reporting services and assist you in meeting the USPS Move Update requirement with ACS reporting or NCOA via front-end data processing.

Drop Shipment and Co-Palletization

Sometimes other methods, like drop shipment or co-pal result in greater postage savings than commingling. Let the postal experts at CMS analyze your project and determine the best fit for you.

Drop Shipment – Mail from one project is trucked via private carrier to USPS SCF and NDC facilities closer to the delivery address.

Co-Palletization – Trays of mail from different mailings are combined into one larger mailing then transported together to USPS SCF and NDC facilities closer to the delivery address.

Mail Tracking

Want to know when your mail is about to be delivered? No problem!

We use Full-Service Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMb) which enable mail tracking and our reporting features allow you to gauge your delivery simply and easily. Delivery insight at your fingertips whenever you need it!

Seamless USPS Acceptance

We regularly adopt recommended USPS programs such as Seamless Acceptance to provide quality and gain speed into the USPS mail stream. We act as your advocate with the USPS to ensure you get the best possible postage rates.

Are if you’re a mail service provider facing challenges implementing Seamless Acceptance, know the experts at CMS are here to help! Learn more.

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