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Data Management Solutions

Using a clean and properly formatted list impacts every area of your mailing’s success. Accurate data improves your ROI, minimizes your budget, and improves deliverability and postal processing.

Our data processing professionals examine your data, understand your goals, and create your job’s optimal data processing protocol.

Data & Address Enhancements

  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Address Change Service (ACS)

Data & Address Hygiene

  • CASS for Address Standardization
  • De-Duping
  • Merge/Purge

Document Archiving & Management

  • Printed and Keyword Tagged PDF Files to Aid Your Customer Service Team
  • Update Mailing Lists with Address Change Return Files

Data Security Protocols

Protecting your data is our priority. We have the necessary procedures in place regarding the transmission and safety of electronic and printed confidential information.

  • SFTP and encryption protocols in place for secure data transmission
  • Proxy card access required to enter facility, and access restricted by job function
  • Background checks conducted on all employees
  • Video camera monitoring inside and outside of facility
  • Compliant with HIPPA requirements and IRS Pub 1075

List Services

We source both business and consumer lists. We navigate all the selects and options to help you fine tune your list universe to reach the most responsive prospects for your offer.

Postal Optimization

Postage accounts for a large portion of your communication’s budget and we’ll help you preserve it. Whether you mail First Class or Marketing mail (formerly called Standard mail), we’ll pick it up, sort, tray, and insert it into the postal stream quickly.

Our first class presort services, standard class commingling, and drop shipment services reduce your labor costs and provide the greatest savings possible while also improving your in-home delivery.

Form Composition & Design

Need assistance designing a form or making some layout changes to a current one? No need to worry – the Data processing professionals at CMS can assist on form composition and design. That can be from anything as simple as allowing space to print a variable message, adding a 2D barcode for intelligent insertion, or adjusting the address block placement to use a standard window envelope. We are here to help!

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